RoboGenesys awarded the ‘Excellence in Finance — Companies’ award at FiNext Conference Singapore 2019

FiNext Conference
2 min readJun 4, 2019


RoboGenesys was awarded the Excellence in Finance — Companies award for their significant contribution towards the financial sector at FiNext Conference 2019, held at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore on April 25–26, 2019.

RoboGenesys awarded the ‘Excellence in Finance — Companies’ award at FiNext Conference Singapore 2019

Empowering Wealth Management with Artificial Intelligence

RoboGenesys was founded to empower retail and institutional investors to manage wealth using Artificial Intelligence. They have developed their own proprietary wealth management technology or algorithms that leverage multiple trading strategies and Big Data Analytics to fully automate the process of managing funds. They now serve clients across the Asia Pacific region.

RoboGenesys is the WealthTech firm focusing our efforts on building algorithms to fully automate the process of research and execution of investments across multiple asset classes, empowering the fund management industry. Their algorithms completely eliminate emotional investment decisions, ensuring trading analyses are 100% objective and data-driven. Using their proprietary algorithms, you can now analyze troves of data, doing real-time trade analyses with accuracies impossible for humans to achieve. RoboGenesys main focus is to empower fund managers to achieve data-driven results for their clients.

The second FiNext Awards & Conference was held on the 25th & 26th of April at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. This event was the much awaited Finance and Technology conference of the year 2019 for APAC region which aimed at bringing together the best and brightest from the field of Finance & Technology under one roof.

The conference strives to build a platform for startups, SMEs, key decision makers, researchers, investors and people from the media to interact and garner meaningful alliances.

The event saw individuals from technology, financial services, public sector, and academia come together for a two-day discussion on how to best support FinTech infrastructures, best ways to grow start-ups and general diversification in Finance & Technology and more.

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